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  1. Introductions were completed.
  1. Minutes from the last meeting were approved; if you would like to refer to past minutes, they are always available on the DD Council website: (

III.       Announcements: Flyers Distributed at Meeting


Information is attached for service vacancies. There is a program for young adults, on the spectrum, ages 17-21 in Manhattan called “Transition to Independence;” information is attached.

For more information about these programs, or the Autism Family Support Series, Autism parent support group, an Adult Yoga group, psychological evaluations, and all other services, call YAI Link at 212-273-6182, email or go to

UCP of New York City

Information for the 2017 Annual Family Summit on 4/26/17 is attached. For more information, email or go to


Current program openings are attached, along with information for seniors with autism and/or their parents; call 718-728-8476 for more information.

Esperanza Center

There are Family Support funds available for Manhattan families for reimbursement for transportation costs. Call 212-928-5810 for more information or an application.


Program vacancy list is attached.

Camp Oakhurst

The 2016-2017 respite schedule is attached, along with details about the program. Go to for more information.


Presentation: Kate Marlay, Director of Waiver Management, OPWDD, on Conflict Free Case Management :

In its HCBS Settings Rule, CMS required conflict free standards for service coordination, such that an organization cannot provide both service coordination and waiver services to the same individual. OPWDD has always had some type of fire walls, but this federal rule goes further. OPWDD had to submit a transition plan to comply with the conflict free standards by October 1, 2016. The intent of the rule is to strengthen a person-centered, holistic approach, with advocacy as a critical piece of case management. OPWDD will use a multi-year phase-in, compatible with both the fee-for-service and the managed care environments. In the first transition phase, OPWDD will communicate with and get input from stakeholders. In the second phase, OPWDD will use a competitive procurement process (RFA) to approve regional Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs) that will provide conflict free case management. The goal is to minimize disruptions in services. In the third phase (2017-18), contracts will be awarded and CCOs may be rolled out regionally. CCOs will operate under Health Home authorization, with a whole person philosophy, for medical, behavioral, and long-term supports. They will use health information technology and data. The approach will look at outcomes, and provide better access to mental health and substance abuse services. Please see the attached power-point, below, for more information.

PPT CFCM Jan 2017

Discussion pointed up the need for OPWDD to share information immediately with MSCs and families. In addition, Kate responded as follows to some other questions that were raised:

  • OPWDD recognizes that investments in start up are necessary and is looking at possibilities.
  • Current grievance regulations will not be lost.
  • Information technology must be responsive to planning process.
  • OPWDD is planning a different type of health homes from those that exist in other systems.
  • In order to maintain cultural and language competencies, MSC agencies can apply for an exemption on the basis on their unique expertise.
  • There are various scenarios as to how CCOs will fit into managed care.
  • CCOs may have different tiers for MSCs with different qualifications.


Marco Damiani will reach out to other councils to explore formulating a common position.


  1. State News – Elizabeth Cambra
  • Agencies have responded to the Request for New Services for $2.8 million for NYC residential opportunities. The review committee has met and made its recommendations. Donna Limiti and Liz Cambra will make final decisions by the end of January. The review committee consisted solely of OPWDD staff.
  • The new respite rates will be based on six categories. OPWDD is still calling agencies to ascertain which are unable to stay afloat. OPWDD is trying to figure out how to support them.


  1. State News – Sandra Piggee

No report.


  1. IAC/Federation – Jim Malley

IAC has selected a new Executive Director: Tom McAlvanah, formerly or Lifespire, recent CEO of AABR, former president of the Bronx DD Council.


VII. Committee Reports

Family Support Services: Marco thanked Yesenia Estrella and Wendy De Leon for their outstanding work on the Fair. Wendy reported that attendance was 564, slightly less than last year, including 254 families. There were over 85 vendors. However, the location is not ideal; the committee is open to a different venue, even if it means changing the date. Having a DD Council table was very helpful. Next meeting: Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 10:00 am – noon, Sinergia, 2082 Lexington Avenue, 4th floor. Information: Yesenia Estrella (212) 643-2840 x 349;


Legislative: The committee met and has decided on the main issues and format. We have moved the date to March 3, the date of all the other NYC DD Council legislative events, in order to demonstrate that all of us share deep concerns over critical issues. Margaret reported that Assembly member Gunther has been circulating a sign-on letter in support of adding $45 million to the NYS budget to increase DSP salaries. A number of Assembly members have not signed on. The following agreed to make calls to their Assembly members to urge them to sign on:

Wendy de Leon to Carmen de la Rosa

John Williams to Herman Farrell

Lynn Decker to Deborah Glick

Elly Rufer to Brian Kavanagh

Mark Statfield/Lisa Louie to Yuh-Line Niou

Marilyn Rubinstein to Dan Quart

Yesenia Estrella to Robert Rodriguez

Next meeting to be announced. Information: Jim Malley (212) 928-5810 x 101;

Transition: Kathy Kelley reported that at the last meeting, it was estimated that there will be about 75 graduates in June 2017, of whom more than 50 have eligibility and only about 12-14 need to complete the Front Door process. Students are beginning to look at programs. The committee discussed ways of sharing information between schools and providers. Next meeting: Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 9:30 am – noon, AHRC, 83 Maiden Lane, 11th floor.

Information: Kathy Kelly (212) 780-2724;

Manhattan Family Support Services Advisory Council: Margaret Puddington announced that the topic at the next meeting is Sexuality Issues Affecting People with DD, by Connie Senior, YAI: Wednesday, January 18, 2017, 10:00 am – noon, Center for Family Support, 333 Seventh Ave., 9th floor. Information: Margaret Puddington (212) 799-2042;

Service Coordination Committee: Carol Lincoln announced that the committee is trying something different: a mini resource fair with a few providers at the next meeting: Friday, January 27, 2017, 10:00 am – noon, Contemporary Guidance Services, 52 Broadway, 4th floor. Information: Carol Lincoln (718) 859-5420 x 225;

Childrens/Education Committee: No report. Information: Christina Muccioli (212) 780-2532;

VIII. New Business

Marco Damiani announced that the Council must soon have a robust conversation about the Council’s committee structure.




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