Adult Day Services Directory December 2013


This Directory is a comprehensive resource source for professionals and parents who are seeking adult day services for Manhattan adults with developmental disabilities.  This directory lists a range of services for young adults with developmental disabilities who are transitioning out/aging out of special education classes and for adults with developmental disabilities who are in need of a day or vocational program.  General information is also available from the Manhattan office of the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities at (212) 229-3132

Below are links to .pdf files that will provide the entire directory or the particular type of program of interest.

The COMPLETE Directory (28pgs): 2013 Manhattan Adult Day Service Directory

Introduction ADS Directory 2013

Day Habilition Without Walls

Day Treatment : Day Habilition

Enhanced Supported Employment

HCBS Waiver pre-Vocational

Other Programs

Supported Employment


Pre-Vocational Program Options